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Take up the challenge with us !

Cap Montessori school curriculum aims to create a caring and respectful atmosphere, so that all the children can grow and learn confidently, at their own personal rhythm. We are doing everything at the school to make children happy ………and blossom as future adults !

If you too like to make people happy, you can help us !! Cap Montessori is an independent school and, thereby receives no governmental financing.

So, in oder to meet the challenge and offer caring education, we need your help :

  • A few hours of volunteering for the school or association activities
  • Donation in kind
  • Personal or professional aid
  • Sponsoring

You can obviously contribute. It is up to you to chose how !


Any and all initiatives to help in the smooth running of the school and contribute to the embellishment of the living framework for the children, are of use to us. Bring us your skills, your bright ideas and your energy !
You are most welcome to help up and participate in the major challenge of providing a caring education.

Come and join us !

Personal Donations

Do you want to financially support our action ? It’s easy : you have the opportunity to donate online or send us back the donation form by mail. Even the smallest contribution is valuable to us.

If you are a tax-payer, 66% of your donation is deductible from your tax returns (up to a limit of 20% of your total taxable income).

For example :
- a donation of 50€ will only cost you 17€ in reality and will finance the school outings for 1 child;
- a donation of 200€ will only cost you 68€ in reality;
- a donation of 380€ will only cost you 129€ in reality and will finance l month’s tuition for a “scholarship” pupil.

Donations in kind

Do you have an earth globe in your attic ? - books gathering dust on a shelf ? - board games of which you have two ?

You can give a second life to these things : they will no doubt be very useful to us to start to get the school going.
Take a look atthe list of things  we may need.

Philanthropy & Corporate Donations

Do you wish to contribute today to caring education for children to make them thriving adults of the future ?
Are you interested in giving children the chance to learn with joy ?
Do you want to help us put a stop to school phobias and failures ?

Your contributions, be they in kind, in skills or financial, are essential for us to meet the challenge.
If you are liable for company tax, 60% of your financial donation is deductible from your tax returns (within the limit of 0,5% of your turnover).

Your donations will help to finance:
- purchase of teaching materials ;
- organisation of activities and school outings;
- investment in suitable school equipment;
- fscholarships for children from low-income families;
- etc.

Also, do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to finance a particular project.

Scholarship Sponsorship

The Cap Montessori school wishes to welcome children from all horizons and social origins. This is why we are proposing to individuals and to companies to sponsor one or more children , in order to reduce their school fees.

Families who wish to benefit from scholarships are invited to apply.
The allocation of “scholarships” will then be decided by a commission composed of members of the Board and the Principal of the School. The decision will be based on the family ressources, their commitment to the school curriculum and to the School Charter as expressed in a motivation letter.

Legacies, donations, temporary usufruct donations, life insurance and individual donations by persons subject to the IFI tax

Our School cannot receive such donations directly, but the « Fondation pour l'Ecole », recognised as a public utility, is authorised so to do on our behalf. The Foundation pour l'Ecole provides financial and material support for new independent teaching establishments. 

If you require more information about supporting us through legacies, donations, life insurance policies or donations deductible from the IFI tax (75% of your total donation is deductible with the limit of your 50 000€ tax fee), do not hesitate to contact us !

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