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Teaching Approach

In search of a method of education which respects and takes each child into consideration, our choice naturally went to the Montessori Method of Teaching , which is central to our educational project for the school. This method addresses the specific needs of each child.
Even if indissociable from the Montessori method, nonviolent communication is essential to us alongside cooperative teaching : together they provide a support for the development of life skills and an education for peace.
Finally, we wish to give children a chance to learn a foreign language from an early age : English and French will be used daily in the school by a bilingual teaching staff.

The Montessori Teaching Method – teaching respect

Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) Doctor, anthropologist and teacher, studied children from highly deprived socio-cultural backgrounds for 50 years. Based on scientific, philosophical and educational findings, she developed a teaching method based on the respect of the uniqueness of each child (considering his/her own sensitivity and learning pace) :
Respect of the child :
A child learns through movement. The classroom is a place which is carefully prepared with the children in mind. They can move freely, safely and find the objects needed for their development.
Self-respect :
The Montessori teacher guides the child towards confident and caring autonomy.
The respect of his own rhythm and individual characteristics :
Teaching is individualized and adapted to each child. Free choice and repetition of exercises lead a child to perseverance, concentration and mastery of movement.
Respect of the other person :
Awakening to social life. The class is a group of children of mixed ages who make up a true infant community. The absence of competition and comparison in a teaching structure favorises the development of solidarity and tolerance.
Respect of nature :
Through an early awakening to the needs of plants and animals, and observation of nature, the child is sensitised to the respect and protection of our environment.

French-English bilingual tuition

The best time to introduce a new language is during early childhood. The child uses the same skills as those used for the mother tongue and easily absorbs the syntax, sounds, rhythms and musicality of the other language.

At Cap Montessori, foreign language learning is given in a natural living way by “absorption”. Tuition is provided by a bilingual teaching staff.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a method designed to create interpersonal relations based on empathy, compassion, harmonious cooperation, self-respect and respect of others. 
It is a mostly verbal communication tool used for conflict solving between two people or within groups. A long-term effect is the reduction in both physical and verbal violence. 
These communication techniques are used by the teachers in the school and they encourage children to use them among themselves.
NVC workshops can be organised for the children in class or outside of school hours for parents and/or parents and children who do not attend the school.

Cooperative Teaching

Cooperative teaching uses work tools and communication aiming at “education for peace” . For instance:
implementation of a school charter ;
philosophical workshop : listening exercise, to open the mind and lead to tolerance ;
“living together” : resolve a problem and express a need ;
mental management: the child learns to restate in his own words
conflict management in a group :
recognize one's emotions
active listening
learn about mediation
work on multiple intelligences
cooperative games to :
learn about one another
learn to express oneself and make the effort to stand up for oneself
trust the other and trust oneself
learn to laugh at oneself
understand the needs and values of cooperation

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All these tools can be used in our school and are complementary to the Montessori method and Nonviolent Communication.

Our programmes are in line with the prerogatives of the French Ministry of National Education.

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