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Our values

Parents are children’s first teachers

We only consider global education in collaboration with the parents.

The joy of learning

Teaching is individualised. The children can progress at their own personal rhythm, in keeping with their sensitive periods. In this way, learning comes easily and corresponds to the needs of each child. Learning become a pleasure and a joy.


The child is respected as a unique and free individual.
The Montessori Teaching Method, used in our school, lets the children feel respected and gives them the opportunity to learn to respect their own needs as well as those of the group and the environment. There is no notion of comparison or competition between the pupils.

Closeness to nature

Nature is a rich source of learning. It incites curiosity and wonder as well as a sense of respect and responsibility.

Encouraging confidence

Personal growth is ensured in a serene and secure way by providing the teachers, the parents and the children with nonviolent communication tools.

Cooperative spirit

At Cap Montessori, the implementation of cooperative teaching and community running are part of a fundamental value : the life of the school and the self-fulfillment of the children (and parents) depend on the investment and participation of each and everyone in order to create a harmonious living framework for all concerned.

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