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An education open on the world

School must not be a closed place but a place open to the outside world.
Cap Montessori school allows children to discover the world around them through activities proposed both inside the classroom and during school outings.

A school project every year

Each year, the teaching team sets up a school project : it is a guiding principle to awaken the children's curiosity over and above academic learning. Workshops and school outings in particular are part of the thematic framework of the school project.

Artistic expression

Artistic activities are organised throughout the year, during school time and as extra-curricular workshops, giving children the chance to express their creativity and sensibilities :
visual arts (drawing, painting ….) handicraft ;
music, singing, poetry.

Other artistic activities are proposed to the children according to projects such as creative movement, modeling, pottery……with the possible help of external participants.
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The cultural mix

The school offers bilingual education. Over and above foreign language tuition, the presence of children of different nationalities and origins is an occasion for an enriching exchange within the school.

Activities based on children’s contributions

Children have a life outside of school, in their families and this life permeates their personalities. To provide a child with a link between life outside and inside school, it is possible to introduce activities centred on self-discovery.

Based on sharing and discovery, these activities can also be the starting point for a collective projet (having discovered a pumpkin, for example, the children can be invited to make a soup).
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Life in a group

The individual is a social being but, in order to integrate and thrive in a group, the child first needs to build himself/herself. This is why Maria Montessori first favours individual activities handling materials (3-6 year olds environment). Mutual aid between children, facilitated and encouraged, is the first way of experiencing life in a group; when group activities are introduced, emulation comes naturally (6-12 year olds environment).

Nature in education

Using outside spaces seems essential to us for the contact with nature, as an illustration of biology, zoology, geography, physics and living art in general, which are addressed in school.
School nature outings can be proposed to observe the riches of the environment and the changing seasons.
Accompanying children in this infinite exploration also enables a real ecological awareness for them, which we believe is essential for the making of today's world.
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