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Opening September 2018 in Raray

Welcome to Cap Montessori school's website.

A bilingual French/English Montessori School

Located in Raray 60810, near Senlis (Oise, France), Cap Montessori welcomes children in two mixed-age classrooms: 3 - 6 and 6 - 12 year olds. It is an independent school where children progress at their own pace, with joy and serenity. Children discover the pleasure of learning thanks to an active teaching approach : where learning results from projects and the childrens' interests, which lead to activities. It is the atmosphere, the surroundings, the design of the school and its outward going orientation, interactions and interrelationships which trigger the learning processes.

Montessori trained teachers, of English or French mother tongue, observe the chlldren, encourage their natural curiosity and initiative and guide them towards autonomy. They accompany the children individually so that they complete their various projects while acquiring both knowledge and know-how. This is possible thanks to a reduced number of pupils in each section.

The children's daily pace is set by physiological, psychological and cognitive rythms which are different for each child. This is why a great variety of activities can be part of the daily curriculum, thanks to educational materials and tools developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Cap Montessori was set up by volunteers of Altern'Active Education who also manage the school. Cooperation is a key principle, both inside the classrooms by the implementation of Cooperative learning and Nonviolent Communication, but also within the parents community as they are encouraged to get involved in all aspects of school life and take part in the non-profit organization activities.

And also extracurricular workshops ...

In addition to the school management, Altern'Active Education wishes to develop workshops and after-school activities at its premises in Senlis, for children attending Cap Montessori as well as for children coming from other schools.

Examples of workshops (projects):

  • foreign languages workshops and courses ;
  • raising children awareness to resolve conflicts at school ;
  • cooperative games ;
  • listening skills workshops and collaborative communication ;
  • play-based sophrology for children ;
  • musical awakening and music courses for children ; 
  • Montessori workshops :
  • tutoring using Montessori approach ;
  • etc ...

And workshops for families: Welcome to the parents' school !

Altern'Active Education offers various activities related to child development and parenting: we are setting up conferences, workshops and training for families, and possibly also education professionals.

Take up the challenge with us

Cap Montessori curriculum aims to create a caring and respectful environment,that so each child can grow and learn confidently, at his own pace. We strive to make happy pupils... and future successful adults!

If you also like making people happy, you can help us !!! As an independent school, Cap Montessori receives no state funding.

To succeed in providing a caring education, we need your support:

  • Voluntary work to help with the school or community life
  • Donation in kind
  • Individual cash Donations
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Sponsoring
  • Legacy

If you wish, there is a way for you to participate. You choose how!

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